Nutrigenomics is very popular so we're asked to speak on the subject frequently.

Create A Health Philosophy That Works For You

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In this book, Tom Hageman shares a health philosophy that you can apply to your daily life. We will explore the fundamentals of living a healthy lifestyle through real-life experiences. Hageman encourages us to reflect and start taking care of our physical wellness. After all, it’s beyond doubt that prevention is better than cure.

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Get ready to get into a little science.

Dr. Beverly Lansden joins me to discuss the latest research into longevity. She has personally published over 20 peer-reviewed papers on under the name BG Pavone.


The Human Genome Project

The Human Genome Project

The Human Genome Project was an international scientific research project with the goal of determining the base pairs that make up human DNA, and of identifying, mapping, and sequencing all of the genes of the human genome, from both a physical and a functional standpoint.

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Aging Explained in Less than 2 minutes

Aging Explained in Less than 2 minutes

Free Radicals are unstable molecules that can damage cells. They are created by everyday things like breathing, eating, exercise, and pollution. The accumulated damage is called oxidative stress. It’s a biological form of rusting. Think of how an apple turns brown. That’s oxidative stress. It increases with age. Antioxidant foods are supposed to reduce it. But they aren’t powerful enough.

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