Hate the idea of working out?

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You don’t need to train for a marathon to get into shape. Instead of thinking of it as “Working out” just think about “Movement.”

Movement is fundamental for humans

It changes how our bodies work. No matter how we move, if we move enough, it will affect our physiology (and likely other things too, such as our mood or relationships.) It will also affect our need for energy (i.e., calories) and nutrients.

A mover is anyone who moves their body relatively often and/or intensely – whether for work, play, or the demands of daily life. Their goals might be to manage the ongoing, regular demands of a physically active job or hobby, as well as maintain their capacity for sustained movement.

Ideas for Movement

  1. A short movement routine performed at home daily (morning or evening)
  2. Walking or biking
  3. Walk, when possible, to do errands
  4. Sign up for a class that involves physical activity (e.g., dance, yoga, Tai Chi)
  5. Take the stairs whenever possible (this adds up)
  6. Join a sports league (bowling, golf, pickleball, etc.)
  7. Play with the kids / grandkids / nieces / nephews
  8. Do your own chores
  9. Wash your own car
  10. Volunteer doing something physically demanding (e.g., Food Pantry, gardening, cleaning)


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